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It all starts with Intellectual property, or IP rights, copyright and similar licenses available for abstract property like digital art. Now, cc0 NFTs are on the rise, with the open and transparent side of branding loved by decentralization maxis. Projects like CrypToadz, Blitmaps, and Mfers, all feature “Creative Commons Zero” artworks. But people think that just because you mint an NFT, all you get is the image. However, some NFTs aren’t so simple. While some offer the license of the intellectual property (IP) rights, others give holders nothing at all.

cc0 is Creative Commons Zero”. Basically, it means the owners of the IP (Intellectual property rights) relinquish all copyright and the like to the public domain. In other words, absolutely anyone can use cc0 items for almost whatever they want. Cc0 rights allow anyone to use the IP to create their own content.

A cc0 NFT is a piece of digital content where the IP rights have been relinquished. In short, anyone can reproduce a cc0 NFT. Even non-holders can create commercial goods from cc0 NFTs with no legal repercussions and with this with a cc0 NFT, you don’t have to attribute the original creator if you were to use it.

cc0 NFTs have their pros and cons. However, most of the perks can also become downsides. In essence, it all comes down to your view on the matter. When you own a cc0 NFT,  you can commercialize that artwork in any way you want. You don’t have to ask the project owner or artist for permission to use the NFT.

The IP is in the public domain, meaning someone who right-click-saved your NFT has as much right to it as you do. Yes, even a complete stranger to the collection could use its branding for their own company. Full commercial IP rights only allow the holder to use the likeness of that NFT. This opens up a whole range of options for licensing the IP to others. A great example of this is the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Basically, the BAYC offer commercial rights, with many apes licensing out their NFT IP for music videos, films, TV shows, and fashion. 

Some examples are:

Goblintown: It has been making waves among NFT collectors. The 10K avatar NFTs are all cc0, thereby allowing holders to commercialize them in any way. In this case, holding a Goblintown NFT registered under a creative commons license may be valuable. As for the design, these collectibles definitely stand out.

Loot: It has redefined the community’s interaction with its NFTs. Basically, each of the 8K NFTs is a “loot bag” filled with guardrails.Since these digital assets are cc0, anyone can use them for their own project. From P2E games to innovative rarity explorer tools, this project fueled developers’ creativity. Today, the floor price of a Loot NFT is 1.03 ETH – an impressive achievement considering that minting was free at launch.

Mfers: This hand-drawn project consists of 10K avatar-style NFTs created by none other than Sartoshi. In short, Sartoshi was a leading meme creator on NFT Twitter. That is, until he vanished. the digital stickmen took over the market shortly after launch. Today, you can buy a Mfers NFT for the floor price of 1.18 ETH. However, some of the rarest pieces sold for 11 ETH, skyrocketing this cc0 project to popularity.

In August 2022, Proof announced the license for Moonbirds became cc0. To explain, the popular project rescinded the commercial rights for each holder. Unfortunately, the team instantly received backlash from its own community members.

Accordingly, the shift to cc0 goes against the initial promises Moonbirds made to the minters. Nevertheless, their decision is legal, in spite of the community’s disapproval.

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