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Rosewood London is launching their new Art Afternoon Tea, which is inspired by renowned Surrealist artist, Salvador Dali. The 5 Star luxury hotel is going all out to give customers an immersive experience as they enjoy artful tea with colorful pastries. 

It combined with Mark Perkins’ amazing pastries, Salvador Dali’s artwork, and SmartMedia Labs’ technological expertise to create the next best food based NFT. Starting at £72 per person, customers will enjoy 3 unique pastries that are so beautiful that you will think twice before sinking your spoon into them.This pastry features ruby peach jelly, almond sponge and glazed strawberry mousse on a red sable heart. There are also chocolate decorations and an edible queen of hearts playing card.

the Metamorphosis of Narcissus sits at the center of the NFTea set. It features a narcissus flower blossoming out of Dali’s egg. The mousse-based pastry contains a combination of 5 essential components, symbolizing new beginnings.

Last The Persistence of Memory portrays a butterfly, one of Dali’s most iconic depictions. It symbolizes freedom, metamorphosis and transformation. This Butterfly Windmill Cake comes with a QR code, which brings customers into an immersive AR experience. Customers will use their phones to capture a butterfly, which then unlocks their own NFTs. This marks the perfect end to the NFTea experience, the very first of its kind.

Media previews were held yesterday and the experience officially opens to the public today (11 May 2022). The opening hours are from Wednesday to Sunday, 12pm to 6pm.

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