All about the Seal Society

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The newest and coolest NFT on Cardona is The Seal Society. This collection of digitally illustrated avatars has been off to a great start since its launch last week.

The Seal Society: It is a collection of 3,333 CNFTs (NFTs on the Cardano blockchain) that features sophisticated-looking seals in a variety of outfits and accessories. The project launched its presale on May 6th, following up with its public sale on May 7th. The collection sold out in the first two minutes and after minting at a price of 55 ADA, the collection floor now sits at 240 ADA – about $400 at the time of writing.

The Six Seal Society colonies and $FISH:

The project world is set in an alternate Earth where seals are the top species. Indeed, these seals form their own society with their own currency, culture, and art which is split up into six different colonies named Sophisticated, Agent, Robotics, Military, 9-5, and Party.  each seal plays a particular role within its colony. the type of seal you hold affects the kinds of rewards that you will get, as shown in the image above.

holders may angle to secure a seal from a specific colony, or perhaps even one from each. In any case, these extra factors add some really interesting intra-collection utility. 

 $FISH will be the central token of the Cardano-based marketplace, through which Seal holders will be able to trade both digital and physical goods.

The total supply of $FISH will be 10 billion. Seal holders will be able to stake their CNFTs to earn $FISH, which they can then use to buy merch, NFTs, and other digital assets.

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