All you need to know about Martian Colony NFT Collection

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Basically Martian Colony NFT Collection is a collection on Mars  hiding behind a magnetic shield to protect against invasion dropped from Czech Republic, co-founders David Mirzazada and Petr Buchtel have developed an entire ecosystem with races, hierarchy, and story-telling and now ready to make a grand entry in Web3 scene.

Ticket to Martian Colony NFT Collection: This project features 5,555 of high quality 3D NFTs which does not repeat and generate randomly. Here’s the first stage which will be released in less than a month featuring 4 out of 8 races of the colony. On 13 June 2022 all whitelist holders will get access to mint their NFTs for 0.08 ETH and the Public Sale will start on 16:00 GMT+2, 15 June 2022, at 0.12 ETH.

One of a kind piece lies in 5,555 NFTs which is The Supreme Leader on Mars which is intentionally unique and does not match with from other piece from other collections. All buyers will have a chance to land this gem and the holder will also receive $5,555.

DAOs, IRLs and many more: The first destination for this will be the city of Phobos and they can can start looking out for potential buildings and land plots to invest in other than strolling and exploring the city.

 the avatars have plenty of other potential uses in the Martian Colony blockchain ecosystem. Martian battle, an MMORPG, is already underway. Players will use their characters to fight enemies, buy lands and real estate. They can also explore the Colony on their hovercraft and the other personal vehicles that will launch as NFTs soon.

The founders will organize a 5-day trip to Prague, Czech Republic, where the community can come together IRL. Among the 5,555 lucky Martian Colony holders, 33 lucky ones will not need to pay a single dime. The team will cover all the expenses in The City of 100 Towers which includes accommodation in a 5 star hotel in the center of the city, sightseeing around Prague, and a get-together with the founders in restaurant. There will also be a half-day party on the boat down the river Vltava with live music and DJ performances!

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