All you need to know about Smileless NFT

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In October 2021, 8,888 Smiles NFTs hit the market. The collection reveals the style of clothing as a brand: high quality, rich in color, texture, and style. Digital artist Waheed Zai reveals his past stories through his incredible artwork. 

Smiles NFL collection : Waheed teamed up with entrepreneur Giovanni Gussen to embark on this journey and with the fully dedicated team, the 8,888 pieces built off of Waheed’s previous 1/1 artwork, featuring the iconic character- All Smiles. And aims to create a community and movement that connect with their passions around real-world culture and as we can see that the collection is an extension of the duo, pushing the boundaries of fashion and culture across the physical and digital realms. 

The Nft revealed there was a great success last year , with everyone raving about Waheed’s artwork. The artist wants this collection to represent failures and successes, dreams and realities and for that he uses fashion as the main theme because clothes represent places, make you feel emotion, and remember an experience. That’s why he combines bold colors and cutting-edge fashion with nods to emotions, places, designers, sports and hip-hop culture.

Smileless aims to build a luxury streetwear brand. It should give something that people can rock and resonate within both the physical and digital realms. And also fashion has the ability to connect with music, sports, and entertainment. This is where the project shines bright.

SmileStones: The team first unveiled the project to the world in Complex con 2021. And also  to the limited edition merch, there was an AR booth where participants can see the characters come to life. 

The team collaborated with Alessandro Tarabini to have a Smilesss-wrapped Lamborghini in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo World Finals And also  For gaming, there is an ongoing partnership with eFuse to hold esports tournaments. Along with this TIME studios is in the mix to create an animated series featuring this collection. Not to forget the mini hoop tournament in collaboration with round21.

 The team threw their first official Smilesss party in collaboration with Deadfellaz and WarpSound in Austin, Texas. The ‘LA: Smilesssfornia’ event was then held to kickstart their grant initiative. And the list goes on!

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