All you need to know about Swedish Animator Markus Magnusson’s Invisible Friends NFT

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Invisible Friends that will define half of 2022 in NFTs and these are animated NFTs created by Markus Magnusson. Later 3 months it will break down some of the magic behind the Invisible Friends NFT collection.

Invisible Friends NFT Collection: Collection of 5000 animated illustrated characters created by Magnusson. It features characters with no visible anatomy, with a variety of stylish outfits, wacky accessories, and many more epic traits and we can also see these NFTs is that they are all animated by default. Indeed, each NFT is essentially a loop of an Invisible Friends character in a walking motion. One of the interesting thing is from the beginning was its connection to other NFT projects. Namely, the Slim Hoods and Mood Rollers collection and being part of The Random Character Collective. This group of projects centers around three different animators (Magnusson, Slim Hoods’ James Curran, and Mood Rollers’ Lucas Zanotto) and their projects.

For very first time when they faced some criticism when it announced its 0.25 ETH which is around $700 at the time of mint pricing.

Steps for getting Invisible Friends Today: These are available only i secondary market. If we explain this the Invisible Friends floor price sits at 5.29 ETH at the time of writing. That’s just under $11,000 at the current ETH price. And as much as that is, this is actually a bit of a decrease for the project which saw secondary prices skyrocket as high as 12 ETH pre-reveal, and then fluctuate around the 5-7ETH range after that.

Invisible Friends #1125 holds the title for the most expensive NFT out of the collection, selling for an amazing 200 ETH on March 3rd and along with this there are another three ultra-rare Invisible Friends (#1001, #2165, #4672) that all sold for 110 ETH right around the time of revealing.

Time to sell out this Invisible Friends: It minted on 23 February this year. As earlier mentioned , it had the usual cycle of soaring floor prices pre-reveal followed by a sharp decrease and correction post-reveal. And it receive both praise and criticism for was its approach to mint.

Unique Presale Approach: There are some ways where people could secures some place in the presale list. Major Allowance for holder was either  a Slim Hoods or Mood Rollers NFT. people could win spots through giveaways and competitions an allowlist spot raffle for people who bought and good ol’ fashioned grinding in Discord.

Early in the year much attention was on Invisible Friends bu there has been scrutiny on the project’s mint.

Future of Magnusson NFT EcoSystem: Some other exciting points on its roadmap for this year are programming at NFT NYC, a wrapping mechanism for holders to access 3D versions of their NFT, and physical toys. the NFT market as a whole has seen some decline throughout this first half of the year, Invisible Friends has shown some staying power.

As for Markus Magnusson, the animator already started teasing his next collection soon after Invisible Friends launched -The Garbage Friends NFT project first appeared on Twitter at the height of Invisible Friends mania. Significantly, Magnusson made it clear that he and his team would not make any decisions on the project. Although some details came out at that time and got to know some slight details about them.

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