Chain Runners NFT: The Generative CyberPunk Metaverse Avatars 

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The Chain Runners community is a new upcoming project in the NFT space and has already bagged, Gary Vaynerchuk, Josh Buckley, and Alex Pall. They are promising to take the Web3 experience to a completely different level. With their debut NFT, Genesis has already surpassed 12.5k ETH in OpenSea trading volume.  

Everything You Need to Know 

Chain Runners is a community-led cyberpunk virtual universe, experience beginning with a collection of 10,000 avatars NFTs, Genesis. The colourful characters, called Runners, live on the Ethereum blockchain. And at this point, the collection is sold out but collectors can mint their own NFT through OpenSea.

Created by a team of five members specialising in the tech and gaming sectors. Evan Dennington who earlier worked at Credit Karma is the project founder. Previously, the team had launched Blitmap, a sci-fi fantasy universe, consisting of 100 NFTs, sharing the same pixelated artwork style as their new project. 

Chain Runners’ virtual universe is Mega City, modelled in the essence of the 21st century’s chaos and greed, people who obey strict rules can live. Various prominent investors, like Josh Buckley and Jen Rubio, have invested in this innovative idea along with collectors backing it up. 

They have also developed a 3D version of each Runner NFT and holders will receive the 3D models. It’s estimated that digital assets will be dropped in early May. The XR Genesis Runners act as a ticket to the project’s dedicated metaverse, Runnerverse, here the community can socialize and explore Mega City. They also want to bring the Runner characters IRL so that holders can showcase their NFTs on social media through AR. NFT holders will also be able to upgrade their Runners with new wearables and digital clothing items will also come as NFTs, helping in identifying their personalities. It surely seems that there is much more to come up and we are waiting eagerly for more!

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