Complete guide to Moonrunners NFT

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Recently, the Moonrunner NFT collection has been making a lot of noise in the NFT industry. In fact, it is ranked second in terms of NFT collections on OpenSea (at the time of writing) with the highest trading volume in the last 24 hours.

Moonrunner NFT

Moonrunners is a collection of 10,000 handmade PFP NFTs. A free NFT collection, Moonrunner is following in the footsteps of a number of recently hit NFT projects. These include, We All Will Die (WAGDIE), and Culture. The Moonrunners are a collection of handmade pixelated wolf PFP wallets on the Ethereum blockchain. Moonrunners has a team of 6 from around the world, consisting of artists, developers, songwriters, and mentors, all natives of NFT with project experience.

In addition to being free at Mint, Moonrunner has many other similar features to the above projects. For example, it does not have a road or Discord. Indeed, the project seeks to “reduce noise and the need to move to Discord to stay up-to-date”. More importantly, it aims to “bring more under the promise” – a line that has recently been joined by many free NFTs.

Moonrunners is a CC0 project driven by a road map story and no conflict. The team aims to perform under the promise and bring the excess by not having a road map. The story can be followed on Twitter where owners can enjoy the ride and all the project projects you can offer. By having a Twitter-based project the sound is cut off and only Twitter is needed to keep up to date.

How to buy?

Moonrunner has come down as a free-to-mint collection. This means that everyone can combine two NFTs for free and pay for gas only. However, as the collection is now complete, the best chance for you to get NFT lies in the secondary markets such as OpenSea and LookRare. Currently, the Moonrunners NFT collection has a minimum value of 0.45 ETH. To date, it has collected a total of 3,200 ETH.

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