Deadfellaz Real Identity

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True identity

Betty admitted that anonymity was never intended to be a “permanent” decision. His purpose, he added, was to attend real-life events. “However, I wanted to set an example by personal advertising without having to lead the way I look,” he said. It is safe to say that Deadfellaz founder Betty was successful in this endeavor.

Birth of Deadfellaz

DeadFellaz is an Ethereum-based 10,000 NFTs (ERC-721s) based in August 2021. Co-founders are Betty, co-director of the creative production agency, and Psych, the lead artist of the collection.

Betty and Psych both come from an agency background, but are frustrated by the lack of independence provided by client work. Deadfellaz founder Betty first heard about the NFTs in January 2021, when her husband, who goes by the name “Psych”, introduced her to space. As an artist, Psych, too, learned about the NFTs through his artist collection, Depth core. For Betty, who is the co-director of the creative production agency, it didn’t take much drag on NFT. Like many founders in the NFT space “Betty” and “Psych” are moniker couples who have chosen to remain anonymous. For Betty, in particular, the decision not to disclose her name stemmed from the desire to “work without masculinity and all that goes with it.”

In reviewing some of the projects, Betty observed, “I did not experience much sexual diversity,” which led to a decrease in the sexuality of the characters in their collection. Then came the zombie team. Both Psych and Betty describe themselves as “big scary fans,” and they love the idea of ​​doing a project investigating a “cultural phenomenon around Zombies and the Dead.” “There’s always a curiosity about macabre and spooky,” adds Psych. All of this interesting rotation has led to the creation of what is one of the most popular PFP projects on the web3.


The collection includes more than 300 randomly generated features and attributes that include mouth, eyes, head, and body scales. Each has its own unique “immortal” features, offering cool zombie vibes. Its features range from cool sunglasses, a blood-soaked mouth, a simple yet elegant hat, a distinct background, and much more. Deadfellaz collection has generated over $ 82 million in sales. The lowest price since Tuesday was 2.46 ETHFuture of deadfellaz

One of the most exciting programs on the horizon is DeadFellaz ‘upcoming collaboration with reality company Augmented Jadu, which will allow some lucky owners to take their avatars into the real world. If you are the owner of DeadFellaz, you will be able to enter the raffle to hopefully save one of the 5555 available to participate in NFT projects to get a hologram to take over in the real world. Winners will be announced on December 9th.

There are a lot of fun things in the works that Betty and Psych can reveal at the moment, but there are a few nuggets to enjoy. They will be having a party in Decentraland at the end of Art Basel this week for anyone who has not been able to come to Miami to take part in the fun. They already have 40 artists booked for the event, and plan to allow anyone interested to enter the event.


United Talent Agency (UTA), an international talent agency representing celebrities such as Timothe Chalamet, Frances McDormand, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, have signed Deadfellaz, a women-led group based on Ethereum. 10,000 NFT.

Since its launch, Deadfellaz has built several partnerships to bring additional services to its community. In April, the NFT project was signed with an international talent, entertainment and sports company, UTA. With this agreement, Deadfellaz will grow into product relationships, sales, and games, among other things.

UTA will work with Deadfellaz creators to develop this initiative in new areas such as product collaboration, marketing, games, and live events. UTA owns well-known figures such as Halsey and Malala Yousafzai, and with DeadFellaz on board, the collection can expand its opportunities through the agency.

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