Doodles to unveild dynamic NFT Doodles 2

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Doodles 2

Doodles is a collection of 10,000 NFT compounds made up of hundreds of fun objects designed by Burnt Toast. Handmade doodles include skelly, cats, aliens, monkeys and mascots.Doodles 2 is a collection of flexible NFTs that can change their appearance. The new works of art will incorporate rare OG elements from the Genesis collection designed by Burnt Toast. As the new Doodles will be able to change their look, the company introduced the Genesis Box, which contains rare accessories and clothing designed for the NFTs.

During the conference, Doodles also released a Doodles 2 trailer. The video shows a picture of Doodles creating a Dooplicator (more on that later) and using it to illuminate the world. At the same time, the dull monochromatic world and its inhabitants are transformed into a delightful series of pastel-colors and the rainbow common to the collection. They can not only change the way their NFT looks, but also switch between full-body avatars or PFPs. In addition, these outfits will have unique features, which adds to the extra fun in this mix.

The total amount available is 24,000 boxes. Doodles owners received the first 4,000 NFTs during the NFT.NYC. Shopify allowed people to purchase Genesis boxes for $ 123 using “digging machines.” Another 20,000 boxes were sold on June 30. The final price for NFTs was 0.508 ETH. Although there is still no firm date, Doodles 2 NFTs will be launched sometime this year. Until then, stay tuned to learn all about the exciting developments with this growing NFT genre.

Doodles Blockchain 2

While the team will still decide which Doodles 2 series to stay in, it has confirmed that it is considering both the Layer 1 blockchain, as well as the Ethereum Layer 2 rating solutions. Doodles 2 will not be in Ethereum. The company, which builds both CryptoKitties and the NBA Top Shot, has its own blockchain called Flow. Therefore, many predict that Doodles will be in the Flow.

The box of Genesis NFT

On June 30, the NFT project Doodles unveiled its Genesis Box. Includes Doodles 2 wearable items, an upcoming NFT collection of Doodles creators.

There are 24,000 Genesis boxes in total. The first 4,000 Genesis boxes went to Doodles management and their guests at NFT.NYC. In partnership with Shopify, consumers can save a box for $ 123 using a credit card. Not to mention the exciting “digging machines” that add to personalized booking information.

Dooplicator NFT

In addition, Doodles says it will launch the Dooplicator NFT collection, a powerful device that will allow collectors to bring unique OG features to Doodles 2. Includes the first NFT wearable, Genesis Box, and documentary project, “Records -Doodles: Volume 1,”and a game called Space Doodles V2. Doodles owners may claim free Dooplicators (+ gas) for each of their Doodles NFTs. At the time of launch, there were a few valuable details about Dooplicators. However, we eventually found out more about them at NFT.NYC.

Dooplicators service that manufactures the Doodles 2 ecosystem. They can not only “assemble” materials from Genesis Box NFTs, but they can also reproduce features from the original Doodles collection.

Bucket auction

RSVPed Doodle Owners at an NFT NYC event can now save Genesis Box for $ 123 USD. Reservations can be made in person at Genesis Factory. Doodles Bucket Auction ends in about three hours and more than 5,300 bids are sent at the current winning price to 0.25 ETH.

To bid, users submit more than the current value to the Doodles website. Any value lost on the last value, or cancellation, (subtracts the current value) is refunded. For example, if a user bids 2 ETH and the cancellation price is 0.75 ETH, bidding will receive two Genesis boxes and a return of 0.5 ETH.

After submitting a bid (gas prices are ignored), users can track their status until the end of the auction at 7 p.m. ET. More bids will be accepted and each new bid will add to the previous amount.

About Doodles

Doodles is a collection of 10,000 NFT (non-confusing tokens) made up of hundreds of fun looking features designed by Burnt Toast. Handmade doodles include skelly, cats, aliens, monkeys and mascots. The Doodles collection also includes a host of rare headpieces, costumes, and artist palette colors.

Since its launch, the project has become one of the most popular NFT collections in the space, featuring nearly 358,000 followers on Twitter alone. Of course, this work has also greatly expanded its creative process, much to the delight of its collectors. With the sale of NFT, Duplicators, Genesis Boxes, and now the Doodles 2 collection, the project is establishing itself as a real blue-chip collection.

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