Epic & Gala to release the GRIT

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Gala Games

Gala Games has created a platform that combines gaming machines with cash and immobilized tokens (NFTs) and game developers who are able to make fun games. The company works with developers like Will Wright and Peter Molyneux as well as popular entertainment products such as The Walking Dead. Gala Games raises money for its developers and its objectives by selling NFT games. It pays for its blockchain handling costs – processing hubs that confirm things like NFT character – by giving tokens to clients of the hubs.

Function Games fabricates its own blockchain biological system on the Gala Games (GALA) token, based on the ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain standard, and works with Binance Smart Chain. With the token, players can invest in their own game assets, such as Spider Tanks, and become their own owners. They can also sell them. Their tokens also give them the right to vote in the future direction of game development.

Epic Games

Epic Games has confirmed that it is open to sell video games using blockchain and NFTs in its store. In addition to complying with financial regulations, developers will need to explain to consumers how the blockchain is being used. They will not be allowed to use the Epic payment service to accept crypto, and they must use their own systems.

The partnership

Gala Games, a trailblazer in Web3 diversion, declared today that it is driving the way in blockchain games with its topics in the Epic Games Store. With an expected 194 million Epic Games Store clients, Gala will bring Web3 games to the majority, show a huge number of gamers in this new class of diversion and fortify Gala’s situation as a forerunner in the developing Web3 gaming industry.

Epic is a pioneer and visionary in the video game industry. The Gala Games titles available in the Epic Game Store bring to the forefront of this new genre of games. Gala’s Grit, a ride-or-die battle royale battle set in Wild West, will be the first blockchain game in the Epic Games Store.


GRIT is a centre battle game based on Unreal Engine with practical physical science and remarkable turns. Players need to ride, ride and battle in the city, fabricating the best poker hand with obtained weapons to carry out murder. Every Grit game is different, from Train Chase mode to Golden Horse, and will test players’ skills and strategies by competing against other players in major tournaments and shooting. Players will face a gang of criminals with more than 400 different guns. Play modes include solo, duo and squad. Shows happen anywhere you ride a horse to the top of an engine train, so players need to make sure their arsenal is ready for a fatal disaster. Fans can add to the wish list a free game, introduced later in 2022.

Gala Games will offer a special sale of The Gunslinger Box that opens one of 10,000 Grit images. Each character has its own specific advantages and attributes that the owner can play as in-game, with features that produce and give a different look to each character. Owners can also use their favourite loads of skins for specific weapons.

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