Everything you need to know about Mind BlowOn NFT!

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MindBlowon NFT Project: These are the collection of 6,969 NFTs with a signature illustrated style and these are weird and all-human characters have a unique aesthetic. And these are actually the Web3 rebirth of a long-running comic strip. 

MindBlowon is the combination of ‘Mind Blown’ and ‘blo’on’, which is Indonesian slang for dumb. That tells you all about the surreal vibe and style of humor that Mind Blowing utilizes.

Creation of BlowOn Project:  brainchild of Indonesian illustrator Nurfadli Mursyid, better known as LickPalick who started putting out his work around 2014/2015. At that time he drew comic strips based on his day-to-day life.

He titled these comic strips “Tahilalats”, the Indonesian word for a skin mole – a mark of identity that LickPalick himself has. Tahilalats grew to be an incredibly successful webcomic in Indonesia. And collaborated with major brands like Sony Pictures, Samsung, PlayStation, and Spotify.

 Tahilalats is coming to Web3 via the named MindBlowon Studio.

Getting Mind BlowOn Project:  MindBlowon finally announced mint details for its NFT collection at the end of April and also planned to mint its NFTs in three phases.

First, Fair Dutch Auction works much like a normal Dutch auction, with the NFT mint starting at a ceiling price (0.69 ETH) and decreasing by 0.05 ETH every 30 minutes until it hits the low mint price (0.169 ETH).

The second  “fair” part comes into play once the auction wraps up. That’s because everyone who mints a MindBlowing NFT at a higher price than the last price in the Dutch auction will receive a refund! 

Then third there’s  the standard allowlist/private sale, minting for half the last auction price. Finally is the public sale, minting at the low auction price. If I had to bet on it though, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for there being any NFTs left for a public sale.

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