Features By Openseas to detect Fake NFTs

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The largest NFT marketplace announced some new features today in a series of blog posts. They believe that these updates will both smooth its verification processes and decrease the instances of copymints and fake NFTs.

OpenSea is retooling its verification system, laying it out so people know more about the process. The steps it’s taking are as follows:

  • Switching to an invite-based system, expanding the number of NFT creators who can verify over time
  • Updating the collection badge process for verified accounts to request badging
  • Streamlining the way creators get notified to begin the account verification process
  • A 7-day time frame for responding to verification and collection badging applications

The two issues that OpenSea is attempting to tackle have plagued it for months. Namely, its vague verification process , and the mass of fake NFTs on its platform. verification is a huge deal for NFT projects. It’s one of the primary ways users can tell real NFT projects apart from fake ones on OpenSea. 

As for the mass amount of fake NFTs and copymints, OpenSea is also trying to create a safer platform for users. In the same announcement, the platform stated that it will use image recognition technology. In addition, it will add on more human review to act on user reports.


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