Giveaway $40k worth of P2E games with gods partner

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Popular play-to-earn game, ‘Along with the Gods’ are giving away $40,000+ worth of NFTs (1,000 NFTs worth $41 each) in partnership with NFT Evening. 

Along with the Gods’ and  PlayDapp will give away a group of 1,000 NFTs worth a total of $40,000 exclusively and you can enter the competition to win NFTs but first you must download the app and complete some tasks.

Along with the Gods which is a popular play-to-earn strategy RPG game. The play-versus-player style game boasts five character classes and over 100 heroes in total. 

Interestingly, players are able to stake the PLAYZ R-Grade NFTs. Additionally, they may complete simple daily missions to earn $PLA, the coin of PlayDapp. The PLAYZ R-Grade NFTs will soon be interoperable in all of the games in the PlayDapp ecosystem.  they can take on other players in PvP in Major Arena to win larger shares of $PLA. The higher players rank in the weekly Major Arena standings, the more $PLA they earn. The coin, at the time of writing, is currently worth $0.43. Full steps on how to begin staking NFTs for the winners are as follows: 

  1. Download the game and have fun playing it. 
  2. Then choose the season server, and create a character. 
  3. Once you reach level 20, check out the item manager in the bottom left corner.
  4. To log in, you should connect your wallet and then select the R-Grade and begin staking it on the staking menu.

PlayDapp is a middleware blockchain solution that provides technology to app or game developers to turn their in-game assets into NFTs. In short, they help turn apps into dApps. You can buy, sell, and trade the NFTs on PlayDapp’s marketplace.  The NFT’s will be interoperable in their upcoming P2E games and their blockchain ecosystem so keep on the lookout on their latest developments.

In the ecosystem they have P2E Games, Metaverse partnership with Samsung and other collaborations. Notably, KB Bank (Korea’s largest bank), Line Friends (175 million users) and more.Their coin, $PLA, is listed on major exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken and more. As per statistics from CoinMarketCap, the coin is currently at $0.43 at the time of writing. It has a ~$181,000,000 market cap, and a 24h volume of ~$13,000,000. 

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