NFTs can literally be anything! You think it, it will be! Art, music, memes. Gifs, documents, celebrities, personalities NFTs have seen it all and much more. In the third quarter of 2021 only, the sales volume of NFTs peaked at $10.7 billion. 

NFTs can literally be anything! You think it will be! Art, music, memes. Gifs, documents, celebrities, personalities, NFTs have seen it all and much more. In the third quarter of 2021 only, the sales volume of NFTs peaked at $10.7 billion.

One way to get really invested in NFTs is to dabble a little in NFT art and collectibles. You would require some capital to invest, especially if you want a blue-chip piece that has a high resale value.

So, what’s ideal? To make your own NFT art and then sell it. With just the right content and great marketing, you can make a place for yourself. Although we cannot promise, your NFT will be a hit. We can definitely try to help you out with a few tricks of the trade.

A great idea sells your NFT

The competition in the NFT marketplace is fierce. NFT projects are being launched every day. Unique and grabby sells! So, let’s see the top categories of NFTs.


Art is one of the most popular categories of NFTs and is very highly-priced. Most artists try to amaze, shock and magnify the visuality of the senses of their art. NFT’s most renowned artist, Beeple’s works are often disturbing, grotesque and include controversial political figures, creating controversy and nudging curiosity.

But as a budding artist it might be a bit difficult, let your NFT tell a story, let it have a meaning or a cause perhaps. That might help it sell, making it unique, beautiful and edgy might actually help.


Collectibles are a major category of NFTs that really sells. selling like hotcakes. From BAYC, and Cool Cats, to 0N1 Force, collectibles are a favourite. Collectibles’ value lies in their rarity, scarcity and certificated origin. certificated origin. They give you bragging rights, like owning a pair of Louboutin. They have simply seen a rise in their use as a profile picture. Imagine!

Collectibles usually come in collections of around 10,000, helping in the growth of the community. Even at around 0.05ETH per piece, you could make a huge amount of money.


Various musicians have released their music as NFTs, such as Canadian musician Grimes, DJs 3LAU and Steve Aoki, Snoop Dogg, and Kings of Leon. It’s the future and we are surely seeing a rise and maybe you too can feature your art through it. 

Files and Physical Pieces

NFTs can be anything, literally anything! The NFT project Loot (for adventurers) consisted of virtual “bags” with different digital adventuring equipment. The collection was a hit and the community decided its utility. So choose your fit, NFTs can be a book, document, poem or anything that you want.

Appeal to a crypto audience

While thinking of your NFT art or collectibles, think of the space itself. It is very important to know what they like, the audience is who is going to buy your art so it’s important that you know what they like. Some popular items are symbols and characters that the community is familiar with, such as the use of the Bitcoin symbol by Beeple, others include Shiba Inu Dogs, Anime and Apes, including The Doge Pound, Bored Ape Yacht Club and Waifusion. NFTs in the crypto space love movement, so moving art and animations sell fast. One name worth mentioning is XCOPY with smart neon colors and flashing imagery. What more? Memes! Lushsux, the Australian street artist, is a top-grossing artist in the NFT space, with his “strategic trolling” and provocative memes. NFTs centered around popular memes like Rare Pepes, Disaster Girl, Sad Doge, and Disapproving Kid, have all sold wonderfully. So, maybe that’s the secret?

The top-selling NFT collections have Utility

NFTs are an investment, meaning the holders want benefits. Here, longevity and utility are vital. BAYC offers members exclusive access to the Bathroom, a collaborative graffiti board where holders can paint anything. Just like the utility which the founder of VeeFriends, Gary has mastered, only certain holders can get exclusive access and enjoy perks like free NFTs. The possibilities are immense, making them a must for holders. 

NFT utility IRL

The utilities of NFTs do not just end in the virtual world, many provide perks in the real world as well. BAYC did its first annual Ape Fest and also a merch drop and a yacht party. The Wealthy Penguin Island Club gives members access to a real-life island and a digital nomad networking hub. 

No copycats allowed 

We have been saying this time and again, be unique, be original. Do not copy from others, it is absolutely great to play to your strengths and only then it will help you. But a complete rip-off would be a hard no-no

Ace the game

Make your website responsible, full of information and authentic. Self-proclamation might also be helpful, even though many prefer staying anonymous, but a nudge of promotions will help. And how much power do you want to provide to your community? You would need to have clarity of all these. Valuing your customers is a number one priority as you must remember, your NFT art could be great but if you cannot sell it, then what’s the point?

Promotions are your friends

Promotions are the key to success. Spread the word and let the people know. Here are a few ways:

  • Social Media
  • Take help from People or Press with More Influence Than You
  • Guerilla Marketing

To sell your NFT art, make sure to choose the right Marketplace

There are various marketplace available and it is only growing. Music NFTs sell better on music-focused marketplaces like Catalog or Async Music. Artist with huge followers has their first choice as OneOf. SuperRare or Foundation are great for 1/1 artworks. The former has artists like Hackatao and FEWOCiOUS, the latter merits Shawna X, Nicolas Sassoon, and Pussy Riot. Various celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris and others have dropped their NFTs on Nifty GatewayMany talented unknown artists have grown in this marketplace.

Step by Step guide to selling your NFT on a marketplace

After you create your NFT, it will show up on your profile. When you are using Rarible, it has the option to mint it while creating the NFT itself. Otherwise, here are the steps to sell your NFT art and collectibles on OpenSea (different marketplace has different options):

  • After you choose the NFT, sell from your Profile, and click Sell on the top right.
  • On the listing page that opens up, select the type of sale and price. You can either sell it for a fixed price or set up an auction. You can also reserve it for a particular buyer.
  • Select the duration of the sale.
  • If this is your first sale on the platform, you have to initialise your wallet.
  • Confirm your sale and your first NFT is up for sale.

Keep the community alive

It’s not over yet, you have to constantly be trendy and keep on promoting that is the ultimate goal. You can collaborate with various other collections. Release crossover collections and collaborate with new projects. And it’s not just the NFT space that you have to partner with. The options are unending, making the stakes of the opportunities higher.

So think outside the box. The world is your oyster and makes wise choices to create a difference and earn some money along the way.