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If we say what metaverse is we can say it is an era which will revolutionize every industry but till now it has not started. It is not a virtual reality or a video game but cant be fit in a small space at one place. 

What is Metaverse?:  There are many definitions but we are  looking at high profile weigh ins Mark Zuckerberg that “The defining quality of the metaverse is presence, which is this feeling that you’re really there with another person or in another place.”

 The social media mogul, who recently rebranded Facebook to Meta, has invested $10 billion in his own metaverse project.

Origin of Metaverse: It was first heard in 1992 in sci-fi novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson and he visualized the metaverse as a game.

Microsoft made quite a statement when they bought the gaming giants Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion in January. This is the company responsible for the RPG classic “World of Warcraft” and legendary experiences like “Call of Duty” and “Overwatch”.

Second Life”, an immersive open-world game by Linden Labs, has often been touted as a metaverse and in the future, we may remember this game as formative in the origins of the metaverse.

In Second Life, you experience a 3D environment, surrounded by user-generated content with your own virtual avatar. In ‘The Grid’ you can explore freely, meet other residents, socialize, build, create, shop, and even trade virtual land.

Gaming in Metaverse: Since avatars will take to digital experience and one of the prominent platforms is Arcade and also called “the world’s first decentralized cross-metaverse bridge”. This means that they will provide “cross metaverse asset interoperability”or you can say  you will be able to take your favorite NFT avatar from other platforms into Arcade Metaverse.

Interestingly, Arcade Metaverse is being developed by the same team who created the Apes vs Mutants game. They’re part of the Yuga Labs umbrella, who created Bored Ape NFTs and own the rights to Cryptopunks NFTs.Arcade Metaverse has promised multiple gaming experiences within their digital realm and it could be a pioneering platform if it pulls it off.

Buying Lands:  In decentralized gaming acquiring digital lands has become a prominent feature in the world illustrated by land sale SandBox which is  the Ethereum-based open-world game – which accounts for three-quarters of all digital land sales at the time of writing. The largest virtual land acquisition ever made in The Sandbox currently stands at $4.3 million by Republic Realm, a virtual real estate company.

Another 3D free-roaming game, ‘Decentraland’, a plot of land was sold for $2.4 million to the Metaverse Group. These are all ground-breaking digital land purchases and they show us how serious companies are taking the future of our digital world.

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