Launch of The Mines Of Dalarnia Game

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On April 26, Blockchain infrastructure platform, Chromia today announced the launch of the blockchain adventure game, Mines of Dalarnia (MoD) with the collaboration of video developer WorkinMan Interactive, MoD is a free-to-play, play-to-earn mining game and  based on the Binance BNB chain.

Blockchain presents the gaming world with an opportunity to compensate players for the time and effort that they put into playing games,” said Keith McCullough, COO of 

WorkinMan Interactive.

The game explained:This is an adventure game and this game brings together the combat and dungeon crawling under single proof. Players have to mine for resources and combine various in-game items in the intergalactic universe. Then, they can improve their skills to fight enemies and find rare relics and artifacts. 

The former’s role is to improve their equipment. Alternatively, miners can also sell the resources to other players or use them to craft cosmetics, consumables, weapons, and other equipment. 

They can also craft “Terraforming Capsules”, which the LAND owners will purchase to take care of their plots. Crafting and upgrading equipment is essential to increase the players’ power level. 

The Mines Of Dalarnia universe is made up of a range of planets, each divided into a 40 x 40 grid of LAND plots. Now, LAND owners, as the name suggests, own various unique, in-game land plots. They can rent their LAND to miners in exchange for $DAR, the game’s utility token. This way, LAND owners can generate a virtual real estate income.

Numbers: in its pre-launch phase, Mines Of Dalarnia attained over 90,000 monthly registered players and according to the report last year  players took part in 600,000 mining sessions and with this  the secondary market sales of LAND plots have crossed $1 million.

During the mainnet launch, the MoD will also give away hundreds of NFTs and $40,000 worth of $DAR to its testnet players.

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