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It is made up of 10k lions and it is a unique collection that is programmatically generated from almost 160 traits which include clothes, manes, expressions, and more.

Lazy Lion Private Island: It was released in fall 2021 which falls in September 2021 and sold out in 5 hours At the time of writing, the NFTs have a floor price of 0.8 ETH, with a trading volume of 28.9k ETH. There are a total of 5.1k owners till now and the community is trying huge and trying to reach 200k members soon. This community includes the likes of Jake Paul, John Terry, Seth Curry, and many other celebrities.

Blockchain Media Pvt. Ltd. is working behind this project and this collection includes a group of lions, known as kings and queens, roaming free on the Private Island there are also drinks on the cabana bar, a gym, a shopping strip mall, spas, hammocks, and other cool stuff you want on a private island. Lazy Lion’s holders received a Bungalow airdrop a while back, and 1,500 additional bungalows were up for public sale.

Lazy Lion Roadmaps: There are tons of stuff coming over on the private island but the team did not release any details regarding about roadmap.

With regards to the metaverse, lions should be able to chill in The Sandbox soon as the team continues to develop the land. We also see a DAO being introduced in the near future as the community expands rapidly.

The team has reconfirmed that Lazy Cubs will release in May 2022. All Lazy Lions holders will receive a free Lazy Cubs NFT, and the snapshot will be taken soon. The Bungalow owners that do not have a Lion will also get an allowlist spot to finally and officially enter the club.

The Born Free Foundation is inviting all Lazy Lions holders to visit the Shamwari Private Game Reserve. The team is sponsoring 2 lions, Angela and Louga, and this is where they live. To show their gratitude, they are inviting all holders to take a VIP tour of their big-cat sanctuary in Eastern Cape, South Africa. 

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