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Ledger aims to inform people about the use of private crypto wallets, such as the ones they offer. These wallets allow people to own their crypto assets which reduces the risk of losing them in a burglary or breaking the law. Ledger, a French hardware wallet company, has partnered with a metaverse platform, Sandbox, to help spread crypto awareness and education to metaverse players. Ledger officially announces agreement at Ongoing Fungible Conference in Lisbon, Portugal

Sebastian Badault

Sébastien Badault, VP of Metaverse at Ledger, said: “I am here to create the best, most secure feeling for creators, products, collectors, gamers, and Web3 enthusiasts. We want them to be able to distribute, trade, and protect their digital assets using our advanced marketing technology.” Badault continued: “Security will play a key role in the development of Metaverse, and Ledger is in the mood for this change. I look forward to building the most reliable and easy-to-use resources for all the different communities involved in digital assets. I could not enjoy that opportunity.”

Badault is a veteran operator with years of experience in cross-border technology, security, and the internet world. Badault has previously served as Executive Director in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg in Alibaba, building the company’s Luxury Pavilion, which has become China’s largest luxury platform. His interest in the real world was strengthened by his discovery of crypto and blockchain. “I bought crypto-like back then. I don’t remember when I bought a little, but I was used to the space. But I became very interested in it,” he continues.

New tech in Brands

“Metaverse should provide unlimited opportunities for creators and communities to work together, build, and share ownership of ideas and information in a carefree way,” said Sebastien Borget, COO and Founder of Sandbox. “We have partnered with Ledger to continue to improve, empower, and protect these situations with simple ramps. As Sandbox metaverse grows, we emphasize measuring user independence and security. Ledger is a perfect partner that can help us innovate while protecting users’ assets in the Sandbox.”

Sébastien notes that luxury products are still very much concerned with counterfeiting, and discovering new ways to communicate with customers. Therefore, they see web3 as a solution to a long-standing problem affecting the luxury goods industry. “This [reference to the NFTs] is a great way to be able to show presence and ownership. By linking their products to NFTs, luxury goods companies are finding new ways to deal with the old problem with a new, forward-thinking solution.

Ledger in Metaverse: Security

Both Sandbox and Ledger work to significantly reduce the number of hacking and scams in cryptocurrency and the NFT space by creating unique information that helps educate and empower members of the public to protect their crypto assets. Sandbox and Ledger create an attractive and secure environment for newcomers and beginners crypto as open metaverse grows. The Sandbox playground provides a convenient place for users to learn about using a unique Ledger game experience while enjoying the support from the Ledger team.

Collaboration goes beyond the crucial aspect of ensuring that users are well informed about how to protect themselves from the metaverse: Advanced Ledger hardware will provide Sandbox users with the safest and most accessible information for Sandbox access and its variants. digital goods. The ledger will also produce Ledger hardware specialized devices for Sandbox LAND owners to protect their digital assets.

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