Netflix X Decentraland to bring The Gray Man to metaverse

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Netflix has teamed up with Decentraland to promote its new movie, ‘The Gray Man’ in the metaverse. Together with the Electric Factory backed by the Decentraland Foundation, Netflix’s Latin American division held a “Metaverse Mission” for the movie last week. What’s more, the event even rewarded players with The Gray Man wearables! 

The Gray Man Metaverse Mission by Netflix x Decentraland is a maze to find the best agent in the metaverse. Players have to enter the maze, clock the best times, and win wearables.  The mission tested players’ knowledge about The Gray Man, the new Netflix movie starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. Therefore, only those who knew the movie well became the “best agents of the metaverse”. The winners walked away with the following wearables:

  • Sierra Six’s Jacket
  • Lloyd’s Trash Stache
  • Miranda’s Bob

the hit Netflix show Love, Death + Robots launched a phygital NFT scavenger NFT in June 2022. The QR-Coded digital NFT artworks were displayed on billboards, videos, as well as episodes of the show. The NFTs cost a mere 0.0022 ETH. 

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