NETGEAR X Super rare to build NFT display frames

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NETGEAR has announced a unique partnership with SuperRare. The innovative company that pioneers advanced networking technologies for homes, businesses, and service providers worldwide is now entering the web3 space. The new partnership will see NETGEAR join the SuperRare DAO. Together, they will design and develop a license and royalty model for the digital displays of NFTs. 

The news that NETGEAR is joining the SuperRare DAO is a big moment for the digital art world. NETGEAR’s acquisition of $RARE tokens and involvement in the DAO marks a starting point for their entry into web3. The company has plans to create a new model for digital art in the 21st century. Furthermore, through this new model, they aim to focus on decentralizing curation, empowering artists, creating community and more.

licensing model will support curated SuperRare collections on NETGEAR’s Meural platform. Meural is a platform that contains Wi-Fi-connected digital canvases, a smartphone app, a web portal and a vast art library. They have created a new way to interact and enjoy art and photos and also they ensure creators get the credit and profit they deserve.

The Meural canvas is a genuinely innovative product that has been part of the NETGEAR smart home product line since 2018. It is a digital canvas that offers a unique and realistic art experience. The canvas has over 30,000 licensed artworks. You can control the canvas using gestures, computers, a smartphone app, or Amazon Alexa.

Finally, starting on August 28th, Meural will also participate in a spectacular SuperRare pop-up gallery in New York. The event will bring together the NFT community and features a rotation of five NFT exhibitions. NETGEAR’s Meural will also display 100 SuperRare artworks as they work on the new licensing model.

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