New Fuzzle in the NFT Market

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At first glance, Fuzzles look like adorable little monsters coming straight from Monsters, Inc. But first, these NFTs are different from the Ethereum blockchain. Second — and here is the best part — AI-enabled, these little monsters can talk and play with you. Created by Gala Games and Endless AI, the NFT Fuzzles are “live” of their first kind.

Fuzzle NFT

The blockchain gaming company Gala Games has partnered with Endless AI to create Fuzzles, which first went on sale in “Pods” at the Gala Games store or OpenSea. There is a total of 9,997 Fuzzles in the collection. You can type or talk directly with these monsters about anything from seeking dating advice to creating a fictional story together. Fuzzles have come to explore the Earth and learn all about its human inhabitants. The high ingenuity of the Fuzzles goes hand in hand with, however, the complete ignorance of the Earth and its cultures. Fuzzles express their thoughts and often promote a “What is so great !?” reaction.

Concerning the commercial rights of Fuzzles owners, collectors will be able to make and sell their Puzzle sales. In story mode, Flash was very determined to continue the violent story about a woman who was abducted by an actor in a high-speed chase. Although I can talk about almost anything, there are some things I did not understand in my experiments, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

In short, Fuzzles integrates AI, games, and blockchain in a way that has never been seen before. All of this is due to the intelligent production platform of Endless AI, Clockwork, and the leading Natural Language Processing AI, Open Ai’s GPT-3. This technology helps Fuzzles to communicate naturally and intelligently, with a human voice.

What can Fuzzle do?

Fuzzles are categorized by their body characteristics, including shape, color, wings, and ears. You can use the Puzzle app to compare your Puzzle attributes with other Puzzles to see how unusual it is and help determine the value. A common basis behind Fuzzles is that they are unknown pets to learn everything about the Earth. Owners can develop relationships with their collected Fuzzles because of its AI. Fuzzles are built on a technology called Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3rd Generation (GPT-3), a type of language prediction model. This technology allows Fuzzles to have conversations and develop their ideas and personalities. Fuzzles also have voice recognition.

NFTs and Fuzzle Arena include the following features:

• Confusion learns from the conversation.

• Puzzles provide advice, encouragement, or discussion topics.

• You can create videos or memes with your Fuzzles.

• Fuzzles can win prizes for mini-games and storytelling.

• Owners can participate in competitions and events to win prizes.

Get your own Fuzzle

Gala Games has been releasing Puzzle “Pods” in batches since April 27. You can buy these Pods at the Gala Games store and trade them to get Fuzzles NFTs. To purchase a Video directly at the Gala, follow these steps:

1. Get a Gala Games account and digital wallet.

2. Buy an iPod.

3. Return to

4. The puzzle is sent to your bag.

5. Download the Fuzzle app.

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