One stop NFT solution Platform

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The infrastructure of NFT is growing rapidly with more people who are interested more with the technology than before.

Chainup: It is a world leading blockchain technology service provider. It was founded in 2017 and headquarters are in Singapore. It implements a comprehensive global operations strategy, with subsidiaries operating in Tokyo, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, Toronto and many others. It has non stop strived in past four years to embrace many product lines which includes  digital assets trading systems, nonfungible token(NFT) trading systems, wallet infrastructure, plus mining and staking. We have built an end-to-end technical service provision platform to help clients build their product as well direct and allocate traffic, trading volumes, and liquidity to the client. 

It has provided blockchain technology and financial services to over 1000 clients in both crypto and traditional finance industries in over 30 countries and regions, which covers over 60 million users.

work of Chainups of NFT: ChainUp has launched an NFT trading platform, which is divided into privatized and SaaS versions. The privatized NFT services involve marketplace transaction processing, storage or other related operational functions. We can provide services to clients through a decentralized server with both front and back-end code. 

ChainUp has various NFT trading systems solutions. We provide NFT technology infrastructure services to contributors in the space, by acting as a one-stop-shop type NFT trading platform which create foundational infrastructure which can allow clients to have NFT transactions functionalities such as support for digital collectibles, works of art, valuables, assets, securities and more. The rapid integration and ramp-up time can help quickly reduce tech and development-based barriers to entry, which can enable the entire NFT industry as a whole to be more efficient and bring in more stakeholders and players.  Our client base is anyone who wants to be able to have NFT trading or storage features on their platform. This can be existing crypto- or blockchain-based startups who want this pre-developed tech, or it can also be players from traditional industries who also want to allow their users to hold and use NFTs on their platform. 

As of now NFTs are becoming more and more mainstream, many NFT exchanges from startup to large-scale are beginning to emerge. With this, also comes many service providers which can help them build, improve, and expand their product offerings.One of the advantage is that from having the experience as a four-year veteran in the industry, is that many of our NFT systems can be privately deployed and tailored to a client’s exact needs. Asides from a pre-packaged base, we have many options that can allow clients to access the most advanced functionalities on the market. 

NFT Solution Roadmap: Our roadmap for our clients and users consists first of a thorough understanding of each other’s current-state products, services and future needs. We spend ample time with our clients to better understand their positioning in the space, their expectations, target users, and the goals of the product. After That identifying the core business needs, we can demo various different options that we can offer and further to better understand how the requirements match up. After solidifying the exact customized package, we can start deployment and configuration and have multiple conversations throughout the build-out to make sure each checkpoint is covered, and the customer is getting exactly what they require.

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