PUNK NFTs: One and Only Angels in the Metaverse!

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The Punk Angels NFT collection aims to empower women in the Web3 space, promoting diversity in the metaverse. There are already several tools in the pipeline to identify and elevate female creatives in the space.

Collection: Firstly we’ll talk about the artist of the Punk Angels PunkMeTender is a world-renowned artist that has worked with many A-list celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Mariah Carey and many more. He first started his career as a street artist, and has since evolved into what he is today.Women empowerment enthusiast Sofia Vergara is now an ambassador of the project. To start things  5% of the mint will go towards empowering Latina women in this space. 

Co- Founder Project Daniela Verbena and Jordan Lawrence along with team of experts which includes well capable art collectors, crypto investors, digital artists, and project founders.they have a mesmerizing NFT collection, featuring 480 intricately hand-drawn traits and they they have an amazing NFT collection, featuring 480 intricately hand-drawn traits 

1,000 Punk Angels will be randomly selected to win the Silver Angel Pack. This pack entitles the holders to a unique lithography on archival paper, displaying the holder’s NFT with a PunkMeTender autograph. The first 500 holders of 2 NFTs will receive a Punk Angels hoodie, hat, and a limited edition art book. Finally, the Platinum Angel Pack goes to the first 100 holders of 3+ NFTs. This pack contains the hoodie, the art book, plus PunkMeTender Oculus Customs!

Getting Your Angels:  Official drop of this project will be on 5may, 2022 and the mint will start from 11:11am PST and the public sale begins at 5:11pm PST. The current mint price is set at 0.19 ETH. 

Roadmap Feature: Phase 1 of the roadmap features an immersive experience in Decentraland. The event took place on 2 May 2022, where participants had the chance to discover amazing artwork. 

the NFTs will be displayed in global exhibitions, where the proceeds will go back to the holders. And also  the Punk Angels Club (PAC) is the team’s which is  upcoming  with DAO. PAC members will have the ability to make decisions in the DAO, such as their charity of choice. There will also be a mobile app, which makes voting in the DAO a more user-friendly experience. The app will display the team’s monthly selection of 10 projects.

The artist is looking to set up the first international incubator for aspiring artists in the Web3 space and also allows holders a chance to be in a one-on-one masterclass with the master himself. Ultimately, the Punk Angels Mansion will be home to all the 8,888 angels.

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