Rise of Rhelegus

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Rise of Rhelegus is based on a futuristic story of space invasion – depicting man’s insatiable greed for power and wealth. The team has gone above and beyond to create this project of 7777 Oxyzers (ancient alien warriors) who are trying to defend their planet Xorbin from human invasion. We further categorize these Oxyzers into several lineages and genders.

We are also in the process of developing an open-world, action role-playing game with a third-person perspective. With a focus on Metaverse gaming, the development team behind ROR aims to provide a fun and profitable ecosystem to encourage the adoption of blockchain technology. (Visit: https://game.riseofrhelegus.com/)

There are many utilities of owning Rise of Rhelegus NFTs:

Game Revenue Sharing

10% of P2E Earnings of the gamers is shared with the ROR NFT holders over a period of time, irrespective of how many NFTs you hold. This creates a passive income stream for all NFT owners.

Gen 2.0 Breeding Benefits

Holding 1 Male and 1 Female ROR character automatically makes the owner eligible to get 1 Gen 2.0 NFT. We are working on Gen 2.0 already and will be distributed to Gen 1 owners first before going public.

NFT Bank

We would create a platform to connect upcoming projects with our ROR communities in exchange of NFTS. Any other advertising rewards will be taken in the form of NFTs only. Those NFTs will be held and traded later and all profits to be distributed among holders.

DAO Tokens

We will launch a DAO and distribute tokens to all the holders. This creates another avenue of passive income stream for all NFT owners.

Land Giveaway

Land in ROR Metaverse – 5-10% of the land is to be distributed to all NFT Holders. These lands can be monetized in various ways later on.

Gateway To An Enchanting World

Rise of Rhelegus connects the NFTs, P2E Game and Metaverse in such a way that gives the users the thrill of being a part of a thrilling, every growing world.

How To Be a Part of the ROR Universe?

These NFTs will be available to mint at riseofrhelegus.com.

Minting Price for Whitelist Sale is 0.05 ETH (Date: 28th May, 2022)

Minting Price for Public Sale is 0.066 ETH. (Date: 28th May, 2022)

So make sure you are whitelisted (go to Twitter and Discord to participate in Whitelist spot giveaways)

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