Simple Slimes

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Category : NFT Calendar  Blockchain : Etereum

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Simple Slimes is a lottery based NFT project with over 100 ETH in prizes!The project founder is doxxed and leads the The Last Dragons; Simple Slimes is also part of The Last Dragons ecosystem , which recently migrated to layer 1 on OpenSea from IMX. This will culminate into a blockchain rpg game Q4 2022.Every Simple Slimes mint has a 1 in 3 chance of winning an eth prize ranging from .02 – 2 Ethereum. GLHF!

1000 will win .02 Eth

-500 will win.04 Eth

-250 will win.075 Eth

-100 will win.2 Eth

-50 will win .4 Eth

-10 will win 2 Eth

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