Sorare Launching an MLB NFT Baseball Fantasy Game

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One of the most popular fantasy football blockchain games, Sorare, is expanding and launching a baseball/MLB version of their game. From covering football, backed by 247 clubs, they now have individual club partnerships as well as a partnership with a league, Major League Soccer.

If you are not completely aware, Sorare is a fantasy sports game on the Ethereum blockchain. They have partnerships with clubs and leagues, mainly in the area of football. Currently, they are venturing into a new partnership in baseball with MLB. Each trading card on the platform is Ethereum NFT.  

Sorare announced this week signing a deal with both Major League Baseball (MLB), and its Players Association, launching a new baseball fantasy sports game. Since 2019, this is the first new sport they are venturing into. The MLB game will allow users to trade different collectible cards of players in the associated league as Ethereum NFTs, they can also buy and sell items on the marketplace. Players can add to their fantasy lineups with the aim of earning points each week, the points are based on the players’ real-life MLB performances.

Players will be in different rarities, just as in the football game. So popular or rarer players and cards will be more expensive. It has been stated that Sorare wants to keep a similar style that they have been using.  

The executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, Tony Clark stated, “We are very excited about our partnership and the effect Sorare’s first foray into North American sports will have on the growth of our game globally.”

It can be expected that this venturing just like their earlier initiatives is going to be a huge success and the fans of the sport can surely be immersed in the new launch.

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