The term Whitelist are done in NFT Community?

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The term whitelist and blacklist are nt same and technically correct.

Problem with Blacklist and whitelist: On 26 May 2022 morning Twitter user and co – founder of HUG debsoon expressed her frustration regarding a post of diverse which was deleted. The tweet simply says: “Who’s ready for a WHITELIST POST?” She thinks that it is very ironic given that DIVERSE is an advocate for diversity, equality, and inclusion. And for clear Debbie is not the first to voice out about this issue. 10 years ago, Laurel asked a questin on stack exchange and in return they had mixed reaction.

They are better terms: Whitelist and blacklist are an old term used in many industries. cybersecurity consultant Rob Black shares that some clients outside the cybersecurity industry do not understand these terms and also said these terms are not difficult and if we see the Linkendin article of Rob Black the term has described like this:

Whitelist: A list of who or what that is allowed access to a given device or service.

Blacklist: A list of who or what that is blocked access to a given device or service.

Of diversity, equity and social justice: The Black Lives Matter protests in the U.S. have certainly given rise to conversations around diversity, equity and social justice. Tech companies have been using blacklist and whitelist, master and slave, and other common terminology for decades. SAP has announced to change the terms but it will take some time The in-house linguistics team will have to change all their documentation, training materials, user interfaces and websites and this has to be done affecting the operations of businesses worldwide. Other companies such as Linux, Oracle and Google are making similar adjustments and also with this the U.K. National Cyber Security Centre have also taken their stand. SAP will use allowlist/blocklist, exclude list/include list, and avoid list/prefer list. As an alternative to master/slave, they will use leading/subordinate, or source/replica.

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