Unlock The NFT.com Ecosystem With Genesis Keys

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NFT.com is a platform for the creator ecosystem. It is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for the people in the NFT space. The platform wants the cultural shift brought on by NFTs to not be governed by corporations or VCs. NFT.com is a subsidiary of Immutable Holdings which is a blockchain holding company. It was founded by Jordan Fried with a vision to democratise access to Web3 and all blockchain-based products. 

Here you can mint your own NFT.com profile name, the profile will be serving as your marquee address, display, storefront, and hub for all your digital assets. You can customize it anyway and can later develop the profile name or sell it. 

Only 10,000 people will have a chance to mint an NFT.com/Profile NFT but will require the Genesis Key.

Next week, NFT.com will drop 10,000 unique and fully-animated Genesis Key. They can unlock the ability to mint two custom NFT.com Profile NFTs, along with all these benefits holders can also get early access to the platform and participate in governance. 

On 26 April, the blind auction for the first 3,000 Genesis Keys will go live at 7 pm EDT, where whitelisted users can participate. The top 3,000 bids could stand a chance to win a key. On May 2 at 7 pm EDT, the remaining keys will go on sale at a fixed price, based on the median of the top 3,000 bids in the blind auction. 

In Q2 2022, NFT.com will launch complete with a profile gallery, analytics features, and marketplace. We cannot keep calm as avid fans of experiencing the ultimate NFT hub. The place is surely going to change the way we look at the Web3 space, helping in more growth and change.

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