VR Your Holiday With Lomob x Next Earth

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The world is really evolving every day and with new innovations developing and popping up sooner than we can get a grasp of, surely leaves us a bit tired, especially given that we are trying to catch up with them daily. But worry not! You can now get rid of all your tiredness and stress with this new VR experience, where you can enjoy a vacation without those long queues at your transit. Visualize and book your holiday destination in VR, with Next Earth and Lomob. 

This partnership has created a new glamorous market that Next Earth and Lomob will oversee. It also includes Vueling Airlines, developing tools and services to plan the journeys. And you can book your flights and holiday in the metaverse. 

Next Earth is a sustainability-focused metaverse, with upwards of 45 thousand virtual landowners. Lomob, a creative blockchain company, has developed a decentralized protocol for the mobility marketplace network. Together, with Vueling Airlines, they want to solve actual problems with their VR metaverse technology. It has been even stated that users can track carbon emissions and even book carbon positive transportation, through the Lomob app.

The CEO of Lomob, Boyd Cohen stated, “We are working alongside Next Earth to create the transportation infrastructure that enables a more exciting, purposeful and immersive way to traverse the planet. … Airlines are actively strategizing about how to bring their presence into the Metaverse, so extending our relationship with Vueling Airlines to augment their Web3 bookings is a fantastic initiative for everyone.”

This is the first time that the transport layer has been introduced in the metaverse and will change the way people look at the travelling mode and purchases. It can be assumed that this new development is going to impact the travel industry majorly and if the project is a success, then more would be willing to get on board. 

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