Yahoo Hong Kong unveils metaverse events

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Yahoo, an American online telecommunications business, has announced that its Hong Kong branch has launched a number of Metaverse events and activities in Hong Kong to explore the use of interactive advertising technology and promote Metaverse-based relationships between individuals.

Yahoo Hong Kong has launched a series of metaverse activities in the city to explore the use of focused marketing technologies and strengthen communication between individuals through metaverse. This comes after the owner of Facebook Meta Platforms introduced similar programs. The week-long project ends June 19 and incorporates the latest features of sports, entertainment and lifestyle to connect the real and virtual world, and provides unique metaverse information to users.

Similar to Hong Kong’s most iconic visual elements such as neon lights and buildings, Yahoo’s metaverse overhauls a three-story diverse work area, NFT exhibitions, arenas and rooftops. The organization has welcomed Taiwanese craftsman Prince Chiu to grandstand his b-ball abilities at Yahoo’s metaverse basketball court, wearing a uniform designed by German artist Andy Gellengberg.

Yahoo Hong Kong will invite four members of the local After Class girls group to perform on the visible Avatars on June 17, with everyone down the street covered in neon signs. The company said the Yahoo Metaverse, which combines sports, entertainment and lifestyle, will be a milestone in the meta space.

As well as reviewing recollections of the city’s nightlife, Yahoo’s metaverse likewise addresses the renewal of the Kwun Tong region, which has been rebuilt with ongoing changes over the years. The company teamed up with four local artists to present the NFT art exhibition “Recreating Kwun Tong” with the theme Kwun Tong District full of city features and memories.

Earlier, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, announced that it would launch a series of new metaverse programs in Hong Kong, giving HongKongers a better understanding of metaverse power across all industries. According to the statement, Hong Kong’s Meta’s metaverse plan incorporates virtual reality (VR) sensations as well as exhibitions in local and public cafes.

There will likewise be a short film presentation and another exposure program to help film mix, visual media and innovation. Expanded Reality (AR) instructional exercises will likewise be made for secondary teachers and understudies. The computerized assortment test will likewise begin with Hong Kong makers who will actually want to share their indisputable tokens (NFTs) on Instagram, an assertion from Meta said.

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